Richard Lavinthal at the lectern for a major criminal case news conference.  

Public Relations & Media Relations
by Richard Lavinthal


About Richard Lavinthal

Public Relations
Media Relations

AM Daily Metro Newspaper Reporting
Statehouse-Bases International Wire Service Correspondent
Lead Spokesman — US Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney for NJ
Developer — Groundbreaking Internet News Web site
Director of Communications — NJ Division of Criminal Justice
Director of Criminal Justice Programs — APBnews.com, NY City
Consulting News Director and Executive Editor — policeone.com
Member International Association of Chief's of Police ("IACP")
Member, IACP Public Information Officer's Section
Director of Communications — Forensic Organization (Pro Bono)
Director of Corporate Communications

Lectures and
Media Relations Training

Association of Inspectors General Institutes
U.S. Department of Justice, Annual Public Affairs Training
U.S. Postal Inspection Service Annual Media Relations Training
IRS Criminal Investigation Division Training
Pennsylvania State Police, Criminal Assessment Analysts
Cold Case Homicide Seminar, U.S. Attorney's Office
Forensics Lecture, Bucks County Historical Association
Cold Case Homicide Investigations (Vidocq Society)
Advanced Homicide Investigations, Philadelphia Police Department

Media Relations for Small Firms' Big Cases, Bucks County Bar Assn CLE
Taxpayes Against Fraud, Washington, D.C.


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