Before a news conference Richard Lavinthal prepares local, national and regional media.
  Public Relations & Media Relations
 by Richard Lavinthal


PreActive™Media Relations:
Timing Is Everything

A print, trade, magazine, online, radio or television news editor will take less time than it takes to read this sentence to decide whether or not to report legal news announced in a just-received news release. If a story is be reported, the resources that will be committed towards the story are also decided by the editor at the same instant.

When the goal is getting news editors or media producers to notice your firm's legal news you must be PreActive™.

Best-practice PreActive legal media relations is a combination of :

  • strategy
  • planning
  • professionally written, journalistic collateral
  • timing

PreActivity is most critical when opponents control the timing of a case announcement or milestone: civil, criminal or regulatory.

Whenever the goal is media recognition (practice-group, legal and consumer media, print, online or electronic) a professional, experienced legal media relations consultant should be developing well-crafted, journalistic, case-specific legal media relations strategy and professionally written legal news collateral.

An outside legal media relations expert with news and legal communications experience should be on call when you need to make the most of a major case milestone.


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