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For the past 10-plus years, law firms and their clients have relied on Richard Lavinthal’s one-of-a-kind legal PR and news media experience for their legal matters: plaintiff or defense, civil or criminal, state or federal.

Attorneys who would never retain conventional PR (and its annual contracts) welcome PRforLAW’s case-milestone, short-term, legal PR pricing model. Important cases and clients receive strategic, top-talent, best-practice legal media relations from Lavinthal, a la carte.

Keenly aware of Federal Rule (6)(e), Lavinthal offers clients an unblemished history of keeping information confidential and preserving attorney-client privilege, first at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and now in the private sector.

Four decades of legal news media experience: AM daily newspaper and statehouse-based international wire service reporting; launching the USDOJ’s press office in the District of New Jersey and serving as spokesman for three U.S. Attorneys (Alito, Chertoff and Hochberg); launching the State of New Jersey’s first press office for the attorney general’s Division of Criminal Justice and serving as its first Director of Communications; major national legal organization relationship management for national, NYC-based online crime and justice news organization, APBnews; and managing three reporters and editing an Internet-based daily news feed for the nationwide law enforcement organization,

December 2014 OpEd
The Ferguson grand jury and mainstream media asked Richard to take a no-holds-barred look at news coverage out of Ferguson following the unfortunate killing of Michael Brown.

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Retain Richard and You Pay Only for Short-Term Projects

Lavinthal's PRforLAW, LLC, is an unusual, cost-effective big-case PR service. Smaller law firms get access to top-tier major-case legal media relations strategy that helps level the media playing field v. larger firms with in-house PR or government prosecutors with their huge media influence. Legal media relations services for attorneys and their clients, corporate and individual, are available on a project basis, i.e. per-case-milestone without long-term commitments.

Analysis, Strategy and Execution

Lavinthal applies four-plus decades of media savvy and prosecutors' office media relations to craft unique messages that give client's stories an opportunity to break into the news, regardless of the law firms on the other side -- or the huge government power to grab headlines. The process is detailed but when the right message is synthesized the results can be exceptional for small firms, as he has done in some of the nation's biggest, precedent-setting cases (involving billions of dollars).


When Amgen settled civil and criminal allegations with the government, paying $762 million, Lavinthal won a Business Page Three breaking news exclusive in The New York Times, among other print, broadcast and electronic reports for the law firm representing the key relator in the whistleblower portion of the case.


When GSK paid a record $3.2 billion to settle civil and criminal allegations Lavinthal developed a killer angle on the case (" of the most expensive failed internal investigations in corporate history") that resulted in national key placements on the AP Wire, NPR and the most influential blog in Pharma.

Your No-Charge Confidential Estimate?

Lavinthal offers attorneys and their clients a no-charge, brief confidential assessment of the media pitfalls or possibilities of their upcoming major case milestones. Call PRforLAW, LLC at 202-596-1176 for an absolutely close-hold discussion and estimate.

A Unique Career

No one in the U.S. has Richard Lavinthal's journalism and legal communications experience beginning with AM metropolitan newspaper reporting and international wire service statehouse reporting on the New Jersey governor's office; as Public Affairs lead spokesman and press office manager for the U.S. Department of Justice in New Jersey, and three U.S. Attorneys who later went on to 1) the U.S. Supreme Court; 2) Secretary of Homeland Security; and 3) U.S. District Court, respectively. Lavinthal was the first Director of Communications for the New Jersey Attorney General's Division of Criminal Justice; directed U.S. legal and law enforcement relationships as Director of Criminal Justice Programs for a national, New York City-based award-winning legal and criminal justice news organization; directed corporate communications for a nationally known manufacturer; and, today, helps attorneys and their clients with important cases when the news nexus is critical.

Rule (6)(e) and Matters Under Seal

PRforLAW, LLC's specialty is developing breaking news strategy and executing it for civil cases not-yet-filed and criminal matters not-yet-public. Richard Lavinthal knows Rule (6)(e) and also what it means when civil matters are under protective order. Beginning with his USDOJ security clearance in the late 80's up to the moment you are reading this page Lavinthal has an absolutely perfect three-decade record of confidentiality. Attorneys in private practice know successful legal media relations must begin way before a case is filed or settled. Relying on a PR consultant who knows never to talk can be a key reassuring factor. Client references in criminal and civil practice are available.

"... according to Richard Lavinthal, owner of PRforLAW, a Morrisville, Pa.-based legal media relations consulting firm." Should a Case Go Webwide
American Bar Association Journal, January 2010

"Richard Lavinthal is CEO of PRforLAW, a unique legal media relations
consultancy handling major cases ..." Web Sites on the Case
The Legal Intelligencer, and's Legal Technology

For a decade at the U.S. Department of Justice Lavinthal was spokesman for The Hon. Samuel A. Alito, Jr., The Hon. Michael Chertoff, and the Hon. Faith S. Hochberg when each was U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey. Lavinthal also handled assignments from the Office of Public Affairs in Washington for U.S. Attorneys General Thornburgh, Barr and Reno. Later, as Director of Criminal Justice Programs for the crime and justice news organization in New York City, he also handled media relations for famed original FBI profilers John Douglas.

The Last (Infrequent) PRforLAW, LLC Newsletter

Interesting Commentary, OpEds, Media Quotes

What's Wrong at the IRS Whistleblower Office? The Washington, D.C. Examiner, print and online, carries a tough commentary by Richard. Why, after five-plus years, has one lone award been issued? (And Richard publicized it for the whistleblower's attorney last year.)

Hanging Yourself With A Red Ribbon, asked Richard to take a look a the disastrous PR surrounding the Komen for the Cure / Planned Parenthood controversy. (Feb 2012)

Three Things the Media Could Do Better. CNN and Crains New York Business reporter Anne Fisher asks Richard to weigh in. (March 2012)

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Richard Lavinthal opens a U.S. Department of Justice news conference at the U.S. Attorney's Office in New Jersey. Lavinthal was spokesman for the Hon. Samuel A. Alito, Jr., and  Michael Chertoff when each was U.S. Attorney.

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